Monday, 2 May 2011

"The Journey is the Destination"

I really like books, some of them I would even go so far to say that I love.

One such is a Book of Mormon which I inherited from my Oma. While she was investigating the church she made notes in it, highlighting scriptures and then writing the number of the next page that she had highlighted a scripture. It's a precious thing to be able to see, even for a small moment, through my Oma's eyes and to be taught by her even though she's been gone for a long time now.

Journals are gifts like this. I've thrown out some of my old journals actually to spare any future readers from the vast majority of my younger angst and whinging, but this doesn't diminish the fact that keeping a journal can provide insight for future generations. It can also help us to acknowledge and be grateful for the small miracles of day to day life as we live them. Of all the craft projects you can undertake (I suppose you can view them as ongoing projects) journals are the easiest to make your own because there is no wrong way to go about it. As I make and sell journals and notebooks this is probably not a very impartial statement, but I do think that everyone should have a place to write down and collect thoughts and feelings. A teacher once told me that revelation not written down is wasted so I tend to write everything down... just in case.

mum doesn't think she's much for journalling, but her notes are
some of the best parts of the scrapbooks she's made for us

Mum used to be my Sunday school teacher, and I remember making a book which we all filled with quotes and thoughts that uplifted and inspired us. I don't know what happened to that book, but mum still keeps one which is not even half way full yet and already puffed way bigger than the spine. A fat book is a happy book.
an old journal in Maori from mum's family, mum's book of thoughts and a
collage from one of my journals

one page of over 2000 from Dan Eldon's journals
When I was in my early teens I read the journal of murdered photojournalist Dan Eldon. To be honest it was more like I experienced it than read it. It was full of photos, art, writing, letters, needlework, glass, leather, feathers, rice and even blood... in short, it was full of him. I was sorely tempted not to return it to the library. "The Journey is the Destination" is from him. I tried to copy this style and imbue the blank pages of my books with as much life and emotion as he had, but it kind of defeats the point of a personal journal if it isn't personal.

Since then I've filled dozens of books of all shapes and sizes with my own story. My art and photos, my reflections and thoughts, letters and flowers... no blood, but there is some hair. I even learned how to bind my own books.

art journal, mission study journal, cool things journal

my Kyle and Ellie scrapbook
Yesterday was my wedding anniversary and I took the opportunity to think back over all the things Kyle and I have managed to cram into the two years that we've been married. I'm glad that I have been somewhat diligent in keeping a scrapbook journal because, like everyone else's, time fades my memory.

If you don't keep a journal, you should, even if you just write what you've done in the day (I have one like that... it just doesn't look as great in photos) it helps us all recognise the good that we have, and if they aren't too mortifying, can be passed down to help our children get an insight into our lives.


  1. I still keep a journal. It's something that I must do each day.
    If I don't, my brain somehow brings to mind that scene from The Mountain of the Lord, where President Wilford Woodruff says he never lets his head rest on his pillow at night until he has made an accounting of the days work. I even picture him (or the actor) saying it, and it motivates me to do the same.
    Lately, with the lack of time and energy at the end of the day, I have been typing up my entries, keeping on my usb stick, and then periodically print them out to stick in my journal. It's a temporary measure, but still a record of my life.

  2. I have wanted to write about Kaira's birth since it happen 6 weeks ago! I really need to take the time to do it while all the details and feeling are still bright and brilliant.

    About two weeks ago I read through a couple of my journals. It was really fun and interesting to read all those details I had forgotten. It was a great reminder of my journey so far.