Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Huge image dump

It's unfortunate that sometimes it takes external or environmental changes to motivate us to change, to act on plans. For me, I have noticed that this is a consistent fault.

It's a frustrating things. It would be great if I could find enough motivation within myself to get things done when I wanted them done instead of when I absolutely needed them done.  Certainly something for me to work on...

In the mean time. Kyle and I have taken a three month contract to work in the Cook Islands. As such I will be setting aside my vulpine craftiness in favour of my far less blog-worthy administration skill set.
Before we go (at the end of this month) I would like to sell the art that I have sitting around, that I produced  with the full intention of selling... and yet never really bothered to market very hard.

So. At around half price (give or take), here is everything displayed below. There are limited numbers of prints and obviously only one of each painting and book so make sure that you get in quick if you want anything. Last mail out will be on Friday 27th May (as we leave not long after that) There are other postage costs for original paintings so message me for details.

A4 prints. $8 Free postage within Australia 
Tree print (2nd one) SOLD OUT

A4 (blue print is slightly smaller) $8. Free postage within Australia
First image (Red & Blue fish) SOLD OUT 

A4 Print. $8

A4 print. $6 Free postage within Australia

Lino prints of various sizes (all A5 or smaller) $8 Free postage within Australia 
Waves (2nd image) SOLD OUT


There are several other lino prints that I can't find the jpegs for which are on my facebook. The couple under the tree $8(with no coloured leaves) and the A4 tree, with ($12) and without leaves ($10).

Approx A5 Ink and Watercolour. Signed (signature edited out of this scan) $12

this painting is SMALL (smaller than A5) $8 acrylic on canvas

A3 mixed media on illustration board. Watercolour paints, pencils and acrylic paint. $20

A3 mixed media. Watercolour, pencil on illustration board. $20

A3  Mixed media. Watercolour, pencil, acrylic paint on illustration board. $20

A3 mixed media. Watercolour, ink, pencil, acrylic paint on illustration board. $20

A3 Mixed media. Watercolour, ink, ballpoint and graphite on illustration board. $20

Warhammer inspired acrylic paintings $30 each. (10"x20")

Acrylic on canvas, with sharpie to draw the ribbons and paper cut out butterflies. 
45 x 60 cm (roughly 18" x 24") $50

A4 mixed media. Ink, pencil, coloured pencil, acrylic paint on paper. $12
Huge lotus acrylic painting. $80 I don't know the dimensions at the moment. Won't be able to post it though so pick up only. 

Fighting. 3x2ft $70 Pick up only.

Reminds me a bit of some quilting fabrics mum has. 
24"x24" canvas, painted with artists acrylics. $60

Its basically just what it looks like, a pink flower.
Painted with acrylics on canvas, edges are also fully painted see how diligent I am? $60

Berry thingos. 18x36. acrylic Pick up only. $50

Along with the ones sold here, (the black one and the orange themed one) there are also these two. All are now $20. (excuse the budge photos)
Blue theme. Cream coloured paper. Fabric covered $20

An earlier book. Purple/pink/grey themes. White paper. $20

Email me. Facebook me. Or just call me if you have my number.

For those who wanted to actually see how to stab bind a book, never fear. I will finish that blog! I will also keep everyone up to date on how things are going.



  1. I'm messaging you right now!! I've been in love with that big lotus since I first laid eyes on it!

  2. I wish I lived closer and actually had a large home with enough wall space to actually display some lovely art like yours. Unfortunately for now that is just a dream so I'll have to take a raincheck. One day it'll be reality (at least the home part--not sure where it'll be though!), and when that day comes I'll commission a piece of art from you!