Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Turn the page

We moved back to Sydney in August, fulling anticipating returning to Rarotonga with revived purpose and enthusiasm, but after a week of being home we realised that this might be more than a two week break.
The next week rolled by and still no word.

Then it was three weeks and things weren't looking so good.

We've now been home for over a month. Having completed the term of the contract we decided to cut our losses, and our stresses and move on to something new.
Our bed is our mattress on the floor of my parents living room (what used to be part of our living space when we were paying residents) and slowly all the things that I had packed away in the cupboard when we moved out (it was like 3D tetris) is making its way out.

Life goes on, Gabriel has been sick pretty much since we came back, and currently has the chicken pox.
He has new teeth though. Kyle had his birthday which just happened to fall on his first Father's Day, a very cool thing.

I'm excited to get started on whatever starts next for us.
For me thats been a fresh start at being an 'artist' and discovering what that word really means for me. I have a new blog so you can follow how its all going ( and will be opening a new etsy store next month.
For Kyle its meant applying for jobs. Lots of jobs.

In the mean time, we'll enjoy watching the Rugby World Cup on my parents huge TV, which we sleep at the feet of.

Gabriel: My 1st Rugby World Cup. (Wrestling a wooden snake)

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  1. and we are SO excited you are here to stay!! :)
    and if you guys move into a place we highly recommend North Parramatta....please please be in our ward!