Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The trade off.

Work here is actually pretty stressful. For the first few weeks of being here we saw more of the inside of our cluttered and air conditioned office than we did of the sun or sand.

Fed up with it, we started a tradition of dragging the family out to have a swim in the lagoon every evening possible... well... its my tradition... I just drag everyone out with me.

The first day we actually got out for a swim we caught the sunset.

It makes the stress worth it.

Gabriel loves to swim. 

Apparently its common practice for Fijian mothers to give their babies cold showers or baths so that they will sleep well, and become strong.     
Gabriel's Fijian mama Resina
Thanks to his babysitter Resina, "Gabey" gets exposed to this particular tradition daily and as such he has a tendency to fall asleep whenever we take him out for a paddle in the sea. But he really does love to swim.

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  1. Marky: What an exciting change. Didn't realise how stressful the job would be. Gabriel is growing up so fast.